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Work work work work work

This page is dedicated to the work I've been doing for the last six years. And, this is an ongoing process with loads of new things being added regularly. Not that regular, I neglect my website.







Norwegian were almost down and out due to the covid pandemic. But in the infamous words of Arnold Schwarzenegger - "We're back!" (I haven't  actually seen the movie...)


Universal Music

Universal loves music. And they love people listening to their music. Kids love gaming. And music. So, two birds, one stone, one packed gaming concert and AlunaGeorge bumped quite a few numbers on the Spotify charts.


Amnesty were growing tired of the political spectrum in Norway dodging the refugee crises during the election. So we just launched our own party which spoke of nothing but the refugee crisis. Simple as that (apparently you have to click through to see this.)

Norli's Antique Books

The biggest antique book store in Norway felt bad when Aftenposten was shutting down their culture magazine K. It would leave a void, and things would be weird without it. So we asked Norwegian author and dadaist if we could borrow his poem Kulturuke, and just remove the k's. Made it even weirder, and left a nice sentiment in the last edition of K.



Rottefella moved away from their bread and butter to launch a clothing line. Pretty high end stuff that was sold online. So one thing was to get people emotional about it, the other thing was actually getting them to understand how dope the things actually were.



Drugs are fun, let's be honest. And telling kids to not do drugs seems futile. Luckily, that's not what Rustelefonen is about. Instead, they are the ones you call if you feel like you might be losing control, or if you simply have questions about drugs. So we made some movies pointing to the bad sides of drugs (mdma and alcohol for this campaign) and when to call.


Nourishment for experiences. How dope does that sound? And with a bunch of people fronting it who aren't influencers or anything, but real people who actually love experiences most of us only dream about. Let's just show their lives (with some staged shots of them eating, of course)

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