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Martin Brurås

The poor man's Michelangelo


Since I graduated from art school in 2015 I've spent my time working in advertising, both as an agency creative and as a freelancer, across the Nordics. Having worked with great clients, agencies and – more important than anything–people, I've been lucky enough to do some great stuff. Stuff that's built confidence, pride, won awards, opened doors and everything.

I like the unexpected. I don't like advertising. I don't want advertising to feel like advertising. I want it to be part of current culture, not ad culture. Everyone has great stories to tell, and the medium in which it's told is secondary. Communication can be a vessel for greater change than just a 4% increase in market revenue. Communication can change behavior, build brands, build communities, build common ground. And while that increase might be important at the time, I believe that looking at the bigger picture is just as important. 

Also, I love wine, skateboarding, swimming, food, punk shows, therapy, travel, comedy, tattoos, growth and development. I don't like new age stuff, I like science. I take my vaccines and medicines with pride. I absolutely detest writing about myself.

Contact Me

(+47) 452 10 29

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