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Martin Brurås

The poor man's Michelangelo


Creative. Copywriter. Musician. Comedian. Poet. Publisher. Photographer. Art director. Visual artist. Design collector. Volunteer worker. Philanthropist.

The key to wearing many hats is to just be mediocre at a lot of things. I work as a creative in the ad industry, which by default makes me a copywriter and the occasional art director. When I come home I just happen to enter my makeshift music studio. Whenever I feel like writing poetry or short fiction I do that, and it just so happens that it's been published some great places. I've also published 6 chapbooks written by friends and great writers at my (now defunct) publishing house Rebbell Press. And owning an SLR makes you a photographer in this day and age, right? Buying art and design makes you a collector? Working in photoshop and on canvas makes you a visual artist? Doing stand-up makes you a comedian? Doing non-profit work makes you a volunteer worker? Donating money to charity makes you a philanthropist. See how easy it is to be a renaissance man? Just do things, and don't worry about being bad at it. Own it.

Since I graduated from art school in 2015 I've spent my time working in advertising, both as an agency creative and as a freelancer, across the Nordics. Having worked with great clients, agencies and, more important than anything, people I've been lucky enough to do some great stuff. Stuff that's built confidence, pride, made awards, opened doors and everything.

I like the unexpected. I don't like advertising. I don't want advertising to feel like advertising. I want it to be part of current culture, not ad culture. Everyone has great stories to tell, and the medium in which it's told is secondary. Communication can be a vessel for greater change than just a 4% increase in market revenue. Communication can change behavior, build brands, build communities, build common ground. And while that increase might be important at the time, I believe that looking at the bigger picture is just as important. 

Also, I love wine, skateboarding, swimming, food, punk shows, therapy, travel, tattoos, growth and development. I don't like new age stuff, I like science. I take my vaccines and medicines with pride. I absolutely detest writing about myself.

Contact Me

(+47) 452 10 29

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